Fire and Rescue

Have you ever wanted to know what technology a Fire and Rescue crew uses? Year 3 did and that’s why four fire fighters from Willoughby came to talk with us on Thursday.  They showed us a range of different technology that is vital for their efforts to serve the community.

One type of technology they use is a computer tablet that alerts them to the location and type of emergency so that they can respond quickly. It also provided information about fire hydrants and other equipment that can assist them.

Another piece of equipment that fire fighters use when entering a burning building is an alarm that is activated after 20 seconds if they do not move. This alerts the other members of their crew that they are in need of help. A third piece of technology that also helps to keep them safe is a whistle that sounds when they are running out of air, this enables them to leave the building before they run out of air.

These are just a few examples, we learned so much more. Thank you Willoughby Fire and Rescue.

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Drama Performances

Year 3 has been busy preparing drama performances and this week we were able to perform in front of the class.

We formed small groups and selected a small excerpt of one of the novels we have read this year. We then wrote our own scripts based on these excerpts, decided upon our costumes and other prop requirements and finally on our stage directions. Once we had become familiar with our lines we were able to start to rehearse to ensure a smooth performance.

Everyone performed to a very high standard and all performances were very enjoyable to watch. img_4867

Sydney Chinese Language Spectacular

Year 3 and 4 were fortunate to be able to visit the Sydney Town Hall this week to perform at the Sydney Chinese Language Spectacular. This annual event is designed to inspire students’ interest in the Chinese language and culture and build confidence in their Chinese language capabilities. The girls performed as part of a combined schools choir, singing a range of songs including the national anthems of  both countries. They were then able to enjoy the performances of students from a range of other schools and groups.

As part of this experience we were also fortunate to visit the Marigold Chinese restaurant for a very tasty Yum Cha  lunch. The food was amazing and there was plenty to eat. This tasty meal gave us the energy to perform to our best. 


Author Visit R A Spratt

Year 3 was treated to a visit by R A Spratt this afternoon. R A Spratt is very well known to many of the girls in Year 3 and for many she is their favourite author.

She has written 14 children’s books including the Nanny Piggins series and the Friday Barnes Girl Detective series. Her presentation was extremely entertaining, especially when she read from Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-off.

She had many words of advice for budding authors. One of these was to make the title of a book self explanatory so potential readers know what the book is about. Another was to develop a character by thinking about what some of their floors (faults) are as these can be used to motivate the actions of the character. A third literary thought she shared was that your best idea will not necessarily be the first action or event in the book. It might be used in the middle or even the end of the story.

We really enjoyed her visit.img_0885


The History of Our Suburb

Year 3 were fortunate to have a visit from our school archivist Mrs L who was able to tell us lots of information about the history our school and our local area.
Mrs L told us that the traditionally area was Guringai Land. We learned that early colonists settled in the area because of the proximity of the Lane Cove River.
The Jan 1st 1890 was a catalyst for change in the area when the local railway station opened. This meant people could live here and easily travel to their place of work, it also allowed for crops from orchards to be transported to market places so they could be sold.
In the early 1900s the origins of our school started in a small house named Hinemoa. We even found out that for a few years boys attended our school. When the school first started there were mainly mainly paddocks and bush and believe it or not cows and horses often walked passed the school.
We enjoyed examining some old artifacts that were so precious that we needed to wear cotton gloves to protect them.
Over the last 200 years there have been massive changes in our local area. We look forward to finding out more about the reasons for this changes.

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Healthy Harold

Year 3 was fortunate to have Healthy Harold and his friend Libby come to visit us today.

Harold talked to us about how we can recognise our different feelings and how we can manage them. He also taught us about how some drugs (medicines ) can be really beneficial when they are used the way they doctors direct. We also learned about the harmful effects of other drugs (eg nicotine in cigarettes) and how they can be very addictive. We discovered how food is digested and the importance of eating healthy food.

We can’t wait till Harold visits us again next year.


Preston Fundraiser

What a day we had today. Not only were we visited by Dr Nott (see post below) we also celebrated Preston Day. The theme was ‘P Day’. There were all sorts of costumes, pandas, prisoners, phones, patients, Peter Pan, pirates, police officers, pop stars, pawns, pigs, pink marshmallows, pumas, a Pegasus and pixies to name just a few.

At recess, we enjoyed party pies and sausage rolls and a popper. During lunch, we split into our Peer Support groups and using our ipads we accessed a fun quiz (using the QR codes) that the Preston Leaders had made for us. Once we had successfully completed it we got a yummy lollipop.

It was a great day and all money raised will be donated to the Kidsgive appeal to support children in Nice affected by the Bastille Day tragedy.

Thanks to the Preston Leaders for a super day.

Paralympics Visit

Competition in the Paralympics commenced in Rio today. We were very fortunate to have Dr Nott come and speak to us this morning about the Paralympics. Dr Nott is a director of the Australian Paralympic Committee.

We learned many things about the talented athletes who are representing their countries in Rio. The athletes can have a physical or intellectual disability or a vision impairment. Athletes are classified into different categories based on the level of their disability to make the competition fair. Once you have been selected to represent your country in the Paralympics you are known as a Paralympian.

Australia has two captains of their Paralympic team Kurt Fearnley and Daniela Di Toro. In total there are 334 members of the team, 178 of which are athletes. The remaining members are there to support the participating athletes.

Australia has been in the top 5 of the medal tally since 1992, but as Dr Nott reminded us the more important thing is that the athletes all dare to do their very best. The athletes all believe “Yes I can!”

You may like to watch the video below entitled “Yes I can” to learn more about these amazing athletes.

We hope you will be cheering on Australia’s Paralympians over the next two weeks.


Father Daughter Breakfast

Today the girls in the Junior School had a real treat. They were able to bring their dads along to school and enjoy breakfast together.

If you like bacon and egg rolls, sausage sandwiches, pastries, hot chocolate or fresh fruit juice the Junior School courtyard was the place to be this morning. Following these delectable treats all dads were invited up to their daughter’s classrooms to solve a challenging maths puzzle together.

It was a lot of fun sharing this time together. Thanks dad for spending the morning with us.