Fire and Rescue

Have you ever wanted to know what technology a Fire and Rescue crew uses? Year 3 did and that’s why four fire fighters from Willoughby came to talk with us on Thursday. ¬†They showed us a range of different technology that is vital for their efforts to serve the community.

One type of technology they use is a computer tablet that alerts them to the location and type of emergency so that they can respond quickly. It also provided information about fire hydrants and other equipment that can assist them.

Another piece of equipment that fire fighters use when entering a burning building is an alarm that is activated after 20 seconds if they do not move. This alerts the other members of their crew that they are in need of help. A third piece of technology that also helps to keep them safe is a whistle that sounds when they are running out of air, this enables them to leave the building before they run out of air.

These are just a few examples, we learned so much more. Thank you Willoughby Fire and Rescue.

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