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Year 3 was treated to a visit by R A Spratt this afternoon. R A Spratt is very well known to many of the girls in Year 3 and for many she is their favourite author.

She has written 14 children’s books including the Nanny Piggins series and the Friday Barnes Girl Detective series. Her presentation was extremely entertaining, especially when she read from Nanny Piggins and the Accidental Blast-off.

She had many words of advice for budding authors. One of these was to make the title of a book self explanatory so potential readers know what the book is about. Another was to develop a character by thinking about what some of their floors (faults) are as these can be used to motivate the actions of the character. A third literary thought she shared was that your best idea will not necessarily be the first action or event in the book. It might be used in the middle or even the end of the story.

We really enjoyed her visit.img_0885


2 thoughts on “Author Visit R A Spratt

  1. Today’s visit from R.A Spratt was awesome!
    It was fascinating to hear about the inspiration for her books. She was extremely funny and it was great to hear from an international bestselling Author. I thought it was great that she used things she saw to give her ideas for her books.
    I also think she has a few good meanings and morals in her books to teach kids lessons.
    Another thing that I like about her books is the unique characters. She dares to be different to other Authors.
    Overall it was a privilege to meet face to face with such a good Author and everybody really enjoyed the visit.

  2. Thank you R.A. Spratt for coming to Roseville College. Today was amazing and I will never forget this day ( I hope ). I really enjoyed hearing about how she was inspired to write all her books. As a reader like me, I have never read any of her books. I am now intrigued to read her Nanny Piggins as she read a little bit of one of the books today. Another thing I really enjoyed was hearing that when she went to BIGW she a idea for NANNY PIGGINS. But in this whole day it was pretty amazing meeting one of the best seller authors face to face. Thank you teachers for organising this.
    Grace B

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