Preston Fundraiser

What a day we had today. Not only were we visited by Dr Nott (see post below) we also celebrated Preston Day. The theme was ‘P Day’. There were all sorts of costumes, pandas, prisoners, phones, patients, Peter Pan, pirates, police officers, pop stars, pawns, pigs, pink marshmallows, pumas, a Pegasus and pixies to name just a few.

At recess, we enjoyed party pies and sausage rolls and a popper. During lunch, we split into our Peer Support groups and using our ipads we accessed a fun quiz (using the QR codes) that the Preston Leaders had made for us. Once we had successfully completed it we got a yummy lollipop.

It was a great day and all money raised will be donated to the Kidsgive appeal to support children in Nice affected by the Bastille Day tragedy.

Thanks to the Preston Leaders for a super day.

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