Paralympics Visit

Competition in the Paralympics commenced in Rio today. We were very fortunate to have Dr Nott come and speak to us this morning about the Paralympics. Dr Nott is a director of the Australian Paralympic Committee.

We learned many things about the talented athletes who are representing their countries in Rio. The athletes can have a physical or intellectual disability or a vision impairment. Athletes are classified into different categories based on the level of their disability to make the competition fair. Once you have been selected to represent your country in the Paralympics you are known as a Paralympian.

Australia has two captains of their Paralympic team Kurt Fearnley and Daniela Di Toro. In total there are 334 members of the team, 178 of which are athletes. The remaining members are there to support the participating athletes.

Australia has been in the top 5 of the medal tally since 1992, but as Dr Nott reminded us the more important thing is that the athletes all dare to do their very best. The athletes all believe “Yes I can!”

You may like to watch the video below entitled “Yes I can” to learn more about these amazing athletes.

We hope you will be cheering on Australia’s Paralympians over the next two weeks.


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